One of the biggest ongoing stories in the local gaming community during the year was the battle of positive games for every age group in Australia, retailers and distributors petitioning censorship ministers to introduce an adults-only rating game. Electronic Arts will acquire Grand Theft Auto solidification within the gaming industry, which included development studios closed during 2008.

The biggest-selling game in Australia this year was the personal fitness trainer Wii Fit, demonstrating gaming's changing face. It has been sold more traditional titles like racing game Mario Kart, fighter Super Smash Bros.  All the gamers in the worldwide enjoyed more than $US500million in sales in its first week of 2008 November.


New Year's Eve is the perfect time to break out the Wii and enjoy a wildly fun night of multi-age casual gaming while you welcome the New Year. When the Wii Fit was released two year back, the first company who installed was  France's "Ubisoft," were quick to cash in with their own mini-game installment, "Rayman Raving Rabbids," which proved a good launch title on the Wii.

Mostly notable games had used the Wii Fit's Balance Board for the most fun they can have after attaching Wii Fit. An X-game competition has you sit on the floor while you shift your weight on the Wii Balance Board to ride a cow (like a snowboard) down a ski slope.


During the conference call it is very difficult for Chief Executive Ben Feder answering to a question about the publisher's plans to better leverage the massive success of the Wii. In an interview with Game Daily BIZ earlier this year, Feder noted that they are building up assets to develop Wii and they are very excited for its growth.

After noting Wii is one of the potential platform. The gamers can't ignore the installed base; we also just can't. So Feder appeared to stop just short of actually admitting that Take-Two will bring games like GTA and BioShock to the Wii, but as he said, given the success of the platform and, frankly, the dearth of compelling hardcore content.


Now in Britain, the patients have been admitted for playing Wii Fit. The bronchitis patients are getting relief after using Wii and Wii Fit. However, mostly patients admitted that they are also playing tennis and running games but the most effective treatment is Wii Fit. Dr Dev Mukherjee from Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford Essex informed that there has been a 100 percent increase in patients for using Wii Fit.

It is possible that Wii- Fit may lead arthritis in later. Patients who are double jointed mostly suffer from Wii Knee and in mostly knee cap can be misplaced. Most of the doctors prefer Wii Fit for their patients


Amazon will have Wii Fit stock for $89.99. Above all they are providing free shipping to all the customers. However again with this they also added that the quantity that they have is quite less and will run out soon. If you are planning to gift a Wii Fit to someone this Christmas then moves to Amazon.

We know that since its launch the Wii Fit has been hard to find. Most of the stores were running out of stock. People waited for the circulars that are distributed by the local retailers if any promoted the Wii Fit then it was sure to find Wii Fit stock at that store. Being addicted to Nintendo Wii Fit is nothing to be embarrassed about. The Wii Fit board helps users to lose weight and females specifically housewives have an interest in the Wii Fit. There are many trackers that help you find Wii Fit stock at various giant stores. Like the Wii, the balance board is also hard to find.

Game Stop CEO had announced that they might be able to keep the Wii but not the Wii Fit. Similarly Reggie assured us that the production of the Wii has been doubled to meet the demand this holiday, but did not assure whether we will have Wii Fit stock back at stores. Wii Fit has helped people get out of their couch and helps you stay physically fit. May be that is why people are so eager to get their hands on it


Heart diseases and   various strokes has become the number one killer among American adults .They are mostly overweight which is the key indicator of all problems. According to the Harvard University, one hour a week this can reduce the risk of coronary artery. It was of 51 percent.

The programs are simple, free Web – based and also offering motivational push to the employees. The Winner will get Wii-Fit for maintaining their health in the future too. This will provide them a commitment for health life in holidays. Now you can also go for a Wii-Fit to get healthy life till you are on this Earth.


The gaming industry increased by 10 % over the period of 2007 and total revenue for the year around 16 billion dollars. It has also increased the sales of video games by 11%. The biggest game for the month of November has been Gears of War 2 which was manufactured by Epic and Microsoft and launched for the Xbox 360.

The game possessing the titles of Wii and Wii-Fit from Nintendo has occupied the third and fourth positions in the chart. The sales increased 796,000 and 697,000 respectively. Nintendo Wii-Fit has also increased his selling 2.04 million copies in November. Nintendo products have best hardware in quality and that was the only reason for their demands.


Microsoft was eager in achieving first place when it comes to Xbox 360.The consumers were in high speed in purchasing video consoles. However, all companies were unsuccessful in snatching the place of Nintendo. It was the best sold item on Black Friday.  However, company is suspecting leading sales during the first week of 2009.

Wii-Fit is the all time demanded product of Nintendo. Microsoft was unable to put out actual sales number this year though it has sold 310,000 units of Xbox 360 last year. The company was growing with positive thinking and is cautious in the sale of the Xbox which has come closer to 400,000 units. The stock was good in number but still gamers need more and more to satiate their thirst.


Tech gifts are only for gamers and more over every age gamers. Wii-Fit and Wii-consoles have become the necessities of teenager bedrooms and hi-tech smarts. The studies made by NPD showed that though various companies have come with the consoles but Wii-Fit is the best choice of users. No one wants to do experiment on himself.

The technology has developed like it has come with the music and users are enjoying background music. The sensitivity is the biggest feature of Wii consoles as you can feel each and every vibration during exercise. Excellent battery back-ups have also increased the number in the list of users.


The consoles war is going on heights and consumers were snatching them from the stores. The big leaders are Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360, they were recommended by all. They are user friendly and its price at around at $250. The Wii not only offers traditional games such as Mario-Kart and it also offered titles as Wii-Fit.

Now various Nintendo DS, which has become the top- selling gaming system of all time but the Xbox 360 is more is more modestly priced which ranged $200 to $400 and it is coming with different soft wares. The participants are winning various Wii – Fit consoles in different functions. It has increased the rate of participants in certain programmes.


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