The Nintendo Wii Fit is now with in the reach of store shelves. Among the rush that favors robust sale of games such as Grand Theft Auto 4, fallout 3, Gears of War 2, but the Wii is increasingly seen as a platform for the gamers. Nintendo has focused on the sale in Texas. It is famous for marketing strategy.

The gritty game is the demand of all age groups. Nintendo is low cost hardware but liked by everyone. The best game makers gravitate to the consoles to the best of its kind for its consumers. The company will not dishearten the consumers.


The hottest demand for the gamer is Nintendo Wii Fit. The retailer’s crown Game Stop has announced increase in sales 5.2 percent in the three months period that ended on November 1st. However the users buy Nintendo Wii Fit but the profits are down from $52 million to $ 46.7 million.  The reasons of falling down are decrease in rate of foreign currency as well as fluctuation too.

The Game Stop also revealed some new games which have increased sales to ten percent for the period. If you want to buy Nintendo Wii Fit, you need to wait. They are expecting impressive increase in the sales.


Time for some fun during holidays, Chris Kohler agreed with Reggie’s about the availability of Nintendo Wii at stores. Chris Kohler while his presence in the launch of Warcraft game at San Francisco branch of GameStop admitted that there will be Wiis available at GameStop.

They also assured that we can find the Wii after Black Friday. Looks like GameStop has a huge stock. However when asked about the Wii Fit they had no answer. All they said was they are trying hard to keep the Wii Fit stock. May be its time look for other options!


EA wants everyone to sweat with or without Wii Fit. EA has announced a new fitness game by next March, EA Sport Active. If want one can use the Wii Fit with the game or can avoid it. It will include various software titles. They are also focusing on new peripherals to compete with the Wii Fit.

They are excited about it as it is a new platform for EA Sports. Peter Moore discloses that almost all kinds of games will be included into it. Games like soccer, Cardio boxing are expansion pack of EA Sports Active.


After the DDR here is another game that cheers you up. All Star Cheer Squad is another game that uses the Wii Fit. It is a squad that cheers it team players. Yet another game that makes you dance, twist, turn and revolve around. The day it was launched at GameStop the game sold out.

Natalie, a cheerleader with the New York Jets Flight Crew played the game to tell us how interesting the game can be. She put the game through its paces and started stomping on the balance board. To make it more fun she used the Wiimote and Nunchuk. But stomping on the balance board does not make sense……….


Among all the peripherals family members of Nintendo another member is going to join soon. Report says that a new WiiSpeak microphone will join the Nintendo family pretty soon. Wow this means that we can talk while playing the game? Wait a minute! I generally talk while playing the game then what is the purpose of this accessory?

It has been days when I played Mario Kart Wii with a Wii Wheel. However one thing that I don’t miss out is playing Tetris Party with a Wii Fit. A game becomes more interesting when it is played with a Wii Fit and Wiimote and now this Wii Speak, an additive, sounds interesting!


Wii Fit has undoubtedly been a roaring success. But it still is in the category of casual gaming, with beginners, homemakers, elders and children finding it to be a good enough start to a probable fitness regime. It sure has got a long way to go before hardcore gamers consider it as an option. EA joined in the fray and has come up with a proposal to upgrade the hugely successful Wii Fit with Wii Fit with trendy peripherals.

The new move plans to come up with a concept that would fasten Wiimote to the users’ bodies, providing them in-depth analysis of their workouts, jump heights, thrust intensities and the like. It seems to be a nice revamp on its way for the Wii Fit. Let’s wait and watch.


Yen has been rising quite consistently, with the consequence that Nintendo has been witnessing fluctuations like never before in its sales figures. There’s been a 36 percent increase in units’ quarterly profits, but yet the gaming giant experienced a drop in its net profit because of the global economic slowdown and the rising yen. The Wii Fit has contributed to Nintendo’s sales immensely, with its popularity cutting across generations and gender preferences.

To compete with rivals like iPhone and Sony, Nintendo is all set to launch a new DS model that can play music as well as take pictures. Now wouldn’t that be a nice addition to features? The projected figures for Wii sales this fiscal year would be up by a staggering 48 percent. The yen’s rising constantly has been a matter of concern with its spiraling effect on exports as well as Nintendo sales.


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