Wii Fit being one of the pioneers in the video game cum fitness consoles has always caused trouble to a numerous shoppers searching out for this ‘must have’ console in the city. The Wii Fit Stock has always been baffling issue for the company and especially during the frenzy mood of festivals.

However, those who want to take home this coveted game should better track the Wi Fit Stock out through the online retail sites like Amazon, Ebay or GameStop and get their copies booked well in advance to avoid the online rush. Amazon has already started receiving pre-order purchases for the Wii and Wii Fit.


This one is for Nintendo. People are getting anxious to get their hands on their favorite console but as far as Wii Fit Stock is concerned itapparently seems that 2006 and 2007 famine story would be repeated this year as well.

Wii Fit is having a phenomenal sales across the world and the demand does not seems to be slacking off rather it is getting higher, as the Christmas fever is catching up in the market. Nintendo Wii Fit has sold a whopping 8.7 million consoles so far and is still having unrestraint selling. So, it is imperative for the company to get attentive towards keeping plenty of Wii Fit Stock in hand to avoid any shortfall in the market.


When Nintendo became the fastest selling game console, it was sold out in stores across the country. The key to Wii success is its motion sensing controller which allows player to copy the movements of games on Wii and Wii Fit. Survey indicates that very soon like the Wii and Wii Fit the Wii MotionPlus will also be out of stock.

Since Christmas is in so shopping is fun when you get what you want. Online stores are trying to keep Wii and Wii Fit in stock. Moreover all the trackers are trying to scan every store after 60 seconds to update their customers. However with yoga mat and other accessories in a bundle package I think buying only a Wii Fit will not be worth it.

What Women Want? 10/20/2008

What Women Want Expo was set up on October 11, 2008 with 230 booths offering heath, jewelry, fitness suggestions. There were other items and information as well but you know what women want? Most of the booths were Benefits Healthcare System booths. Most of them were fun where they had Wii Fit as the best physical exerciser.

Some girls found it thrilling especially when they had audience while moving on the Wii Fit. Some of them bought Wii Fit from expo as they know it is difficult to get a Wii Fit at stores. Even old ladies found it good to get their old heart pumping.


Until sometime back, the Wii Fit Stock was very much abundant, was very much happening, was very much in demand. Apparently, for now, it is very much over.

With a quarter of a million copies in its first week, and despite not being released outside Japan, Nintendo had reached the one million unit Wii Fit stock clearance milestone by January 6, 2008, after being released on December 1, 2007.Prior to release, consumer reaction was also positive in the United Kingdom, with some retailers having to stop taking pre-orders due to its increasing popularity.Selling at a rate of 90 copies per minute, the Nintendo UK had stated they are working hard to ensure that enough Wii Fit stock is available. In its first week of release, Wii Fit was the best-selling video game in the week, topping the all-format chart. Now you know why the Wii Fit Stockis very much over.

The Wii Fit, offers you four radical exercises of Strength Training, Aerobics, Yoga and Balance Games. While a virtual personal trainer will be around for the first three exercise types, the balance games are a way of examining your progress in a leisure setup. Besides, as you spend time exercising, you earn Fit Credits which unchain additional exercises and activities within your selected type, allowing you to push yourself further into shape. Though a console may not be able to turn your living room into a gym, yet it shall be a good idea to look for Wii Fit stock, for a good beginning to melt the flab out.


Nintendo has recently launched The DSi, which helps gamers to be physically fit. The camera has archaic of 0.3 mega pixels but the music storage capacity is low. Nintendo has the quality of adding and removing features in the products to make it different in the industry.

According to Nick Suttner, the Associate Editor of Reviews, the future games will have browser, microphone and camera too. Like Wii Fit, Nintendo will come with unique qualities for gamers to use them. Nintendo is planning to bring a perfect piece of technology in its product .The company wants to increase sales not only in Wii Fit but also in other products.


Video game industry is now targeting on female gamers to grow their market. I don’t know who thinks video games are just for boys. Companies are expanding their audience by offering titles beyond traditional male- appeal game such as Grand Theft Auto. Girls are bouncing to New York’s Nintendo World Store searching for their Wii games and Wii Fit as they believe they are easy and you don’t have to spend long time on any singe title.

As of July 2008, Wii Fit has sold 1.4 million units in the US since its launch in May. According t the data from market researcher NPD Group, most of the purchasers were females. Since US economy is suffering so the video game industry is now looking towards female gamers to grow its business.


Nintendo was planning to come with sufficient stocks in the market during Christmas, but Satoru Iwata has denied fulfilling the demand. Iwata promised that the company is doing everything to develop 2.4 million units for 2008 by the end of this year. The effort of providing Wii-Fit in Marriott hotels is great but not able to satiate the thirst of gamers. It has increased the demand but not supply to deal with.

Though Nintendo will not be able to provide sufficient stock in the market during Christmas, but making it affordable is a great contribution towards consumers.


Nintendo’s American president Reggie Fils-Aime informed that it has innumerable consumers for Wii Fit .They want DSi must have same number of consumers in the market. On the other side, Satoru Iwata, in company’s E3 2008 press conference told that Mario and Zelda teams are also working on new games.

Iwata has also informed that Wii Fit is very cheap in price but now company is planning to make price high because company bank balance is going below the danger level. However for bringing new interactive games, company needs sufficient money which can be achieved by selling products at high cost only.


Nintendo has released silently its first video of old games with a new version.
It is good to know that Wii games are also coming in the market like Game Cube. The buyers will get freshness in the old games with more innovation in them. The Company isfamous for adding and deleting features in the product to make it fit in the market.

It is a remarkable effort by the company to sell gamers new games instead of old again. There are certain changes made in these games, where the cursor is controlled by pointer which tells that product is old but not stale. So surprises starts from now!


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