Nintendo’s Wii Fit is certainly a good tool as a new console accessory. Still, it is no more than those fitness pills or exercise equipments that claim to make you thinner and fit in easy ways. It is true that the Wii Fit has been selling like hotcakes but it does not have that potential to provide that long term effectiveness. It has also not been able to dive into rectifying the obesity problem in America. Obesity stands a very common problem in America.

Simple body exercises can also make one fit and slim. The introduction of Wii Fit was appreciated by all. However, weight problems cannot be solved through accessibility and novel technology. People can never become fit by themselves. To become fit, one has to have long term commitment, motivation and hard work and all these factors cannot be achieved in a small box!


Wii Fit, the ever popular Nintendo game dealing with exercises and aerobics, has returned back to first position in the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publisher’s Association (ELSPA) Gfk-Chart Track All Formats Top 40. This position has been taken by Wii Fit for the fifth time. Last week, EA’s FIFA ’09 was at number one. This week, it has gone to number four in the Chart.

So far as retail sale of Wii Fit is concerned, Wii Fit is on the third position with 4.53 million units sold. Nintendo took the first three positions adding up to 15 million units. Wii Play is at the first position with 5.28 million units sold and Mario Kart Wii at the second position with 5 million units.


One thing’s for certain about the Wii Fit is that the gaming console has not been able to stay on store shelves since the product was introduced. Wii Fit is not just a game for kids but people of all ages have been benefited from it. Buying one Wii Fit is like a memory for most of us. Wii Fit is not an ordinary game. According to most hardcore gamers it binds them to the game till they ultimately win it. However the problem is that most stores are selling the Wii Fit in bundle making it too expensive for people to buy. Since retailers know that it is not easy to find Wii Fit stock and people will definitely buy it thus they sell it at increased price.

Hence there is just one way to get the copy of the Wii Fit, standing in a queue and wait to be lucky to find Wii Fit stock at stores or to wake up early on Sunday because generally the Wii Fit only shows up once a month in stores. For every Nintendo game the queue is full of parents. Last year during Christmas a salesperson died when a huge crowd rushed in Circuit City as soon as the salesperson opened the gate. Employees said the crowd was waiting since early morning since they got the news that the store has Wii Fit stock.

However the increasing economic downfall in the country has forced people to stop buying unnecessary things like iPods and video games. The effect could be seen on malls like Circuit City where the store was empty and employees were playing on the Wii and some were piling up the games. First time there we saw the Wii Fit stock but hardly any customer to buy.


Video games are reaching their popularity to high alters and have become the new boardgame which can be enjoyed by the whole family. Games like Wii Fit are gaining immense success where players can play golf, boxing and bowling with a handheld device and get connected to the television. Wii Fit has also been used in hospitals and nursing homes helping the aged people to maintain their fitness level. It is equally popular among the youngsters who are conscious about their figure and weight.

According to Michael Rawlinson, managing director of Elspa, people preferred playing board games in the past but now families can be seen sitting around the console. This gives a community feeling. Even Wii Fit is played by those people who have no experience it but they linger on it as it was a natural thing.


The Wii has always offered quick and easy games for casual players like with Wii Sports, Wii Play, and Carnival Games. Rayman Raving Rabbids is such a game that is quick, easy and can be called a mini version. The game has a thin plot where the rabbids hijack a TV station and can be called a similar game like the earlier Rayman Raving Rabbids.

The mini version of popular games has simplicity and rhythm. Some of the games even include the Balance Board support of the Wii Fit making it more interesting and even allowing you to dance or sit on the board. Still, it will prove to be a party package for those gamers who look for simple and casual games.


It is not that everyone dislikes Wii Fit, play it once and then keep it at one side of their home. Michael Rawlinson, managing director of ELSPA said that in the past people used to play video games all alone sitting on a couch and getting more lethargic but now we have families sitting around their console and enjoying the game together.

This contributes a lot in releasing stress, tension and frustration of an individual. Playing videogames is no longer an individual game. The percentage of games which you play alone is declining every year. Games that create a community feeling is mostly in demand.

Wii Everywhere 01/11/2009

Last year was unbelievable when the video game sales report was displayed. Last year the sales were 23 percent more than 2007. According to research from a consultancy firm, Deloitte, a quarter households owned the market leading Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit console.

Moreover they also searched that many people aged between 26 and 42 mostly play the video game. The research surveyed that 39 percent of that group had played on games console in the past six months and 51 percent of 14 to 25 years old. ERA said the fastest growing games are played on computer or on Wii consoles.


The wars are going between Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony in 2008 but the sales chart are losing. The Nintendo is enjoying being famous brand among all the gamers. They want Wii Fit stock. The president of Sony European branch David Reeves has also declared that in United Kingdom they are getting profits in consoles. The latest online retail also reported that lack of Nintendo Wii Locator is also affecting the sales in the market. U.S consumers were spending $677 million last weekend on December 20 and December 21, 2008.

Various researches have been made, by the professor of Mississippi, and in that he has announced that the Nintendo Wii as well as the whole body movement games will decrease the obesity. Wii Fit can easily burn the fat. Wii Fit stock is the ultimate need of all the gamers and patients too. The icy holiday has already approached and it was upto 84 percent year over year.

In 2008, Nintendo Wii Fit has made the record of 2.91 million by selling Wii Fit in Japan. The survey informed sharp 10.2 % gain in sales. Investors are bidding on Wii Fit and Wii Fit stock has been the utmost need of all in America and  Japan too . U.S researcher Scott Owens of the Mississippi has recently declared that Wii Fit is the family member of each family. Everyone needs Wii Fit in their living room. Nintendo must take oath to provide stock to all gamers and retailers to provide Wii Fit stock in every season.

Again in Sales 01/04/2009

Very much shocking when we come to know that Wall Street Journal informed that Nintendo Wii Fit and the Xbox 360 have covered the Ps3 in this holiday sale. U.S sales are falling down in nine percent from December to 2007. On the other hand the same period sales which were doubled by Wii Fit and Nintendo products were up eight percent from the Xbox 360.

Are you planning to decrease the charges of your console then I want to tell you that the console is direct successor of the Nintendo Game Cube. Nintendo First spoke among the consoles in 2004 in an E3 press conference and later came without any veil in 2005. Wii Fit is in heart beats of gamers. 


Coming to video website then, expected mothers are coming with customers heart beating Wii Fit as a weight –loss control. The inauguration date is on Jan3, 2009, the four years old It will be launched a section around the group Wii Fit Mommies where new and old mommies can easily express their views and

The author Julie Maloney has created The Cool Mom Guide has declared that mothers have reduced 60 pounds using the Wii Fit.  If we check it as a scale device on which Nintendo Wii Fit players can easily stand on while playing various fitness oriented games.


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